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Nigel Collis - 'Right Here, Right Now'
Meditation CDs

Nigel's Meditation CDs are $21 each including postage and handling

To order a CD, please email:

  click to enlarge 1. Body Scanning Meditation
This meditation is a journey throughout your entire body, you will feel cleansed and rejuvinated to continue your journey.
  click to enlarge 2. Building your Temple Meditation
This meditation takes you to your inner sactuary to go deep inside your self and learn the truth.
  click to enlarge 3. Past life and Letting Go Meditation
This meditation touches on previous lives forgiving your self and letting go of what does not serve you, accepting the cleansing and releasing.
  click to enlarge 4. Atoning and Grounding Meditation
This is a short meditation allowing all negativity to drain from you.
  click to enlarge 5. Power Prayer Meditation
This meditation is a group power prayer, allowing kindness to be apart of the world's future.
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