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Elohim Healing

The secret of being a good healer is humility - to be humble because it is not you, but Gods energy working through you.

'Seekest thou great things for Thyself. Seek them not' - Jeremiah 45:5

Elohim healing is based on sequence. It is a combination of dfference modalities and channeled healing. Elohim healing was first used by Nigel Collis in 2000 as the sequence that can be used successfully in all forms dis-ease, whether mental or physical, emotional or spiritual.

Nigel was told he would teach this form of healing on retirement. Today he is partly retired, but will never fully retire. In order to pass this form of Spiritual healing on to others he has learnt the art of public speaking to allow him to teach his passion. People will come to you because you are working with God and the Christ energy and it will not fail them. You can never make mistakes that will cause harm because you are working with integrity and for the greater good of your client. Trust the process and the sequence.

The Elohim Energy is the closest energy to God.

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Nigel has a special place in my heart for the difference he has brought to my sons life. I have grown to know Nigel over the years as a work collegue when we were on tour, as a peer I supported when stepping out to demonstrate live on stage and through all this as a friend. I consider Nigel to be one who looks after those looking after others. I consider Elohim to be the next Reiki and Nigel to not only be very gifted but special in what he gifts to the world."
    - Te Manawa Debra Potroz

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