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Nigel Collis - 'Right Here, Right Now'
About Nigel

Nigel Collis is an International Healer who has been living in the Gold Coast of Australia for the last five years. He is now returning to live in NZ. He is well known in Australasia as a Spiritual Healer. He is also a teacher of Elohim Healing, a sequencial healing that he channelled through in the year 2000 and is considered by many as a Master of Past Life Regression.Nigel Collis

His healing ability coupled with his his clairvoyance and psychic connection works on many levels, scanning the physical through all mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

He is also well known in Auckland as an Alternative Cancer Therapist.

Nigel is available for consultations at his All Things Natural health shop at Westgate in Auckland, and has been taking people overseas on Spiritual Development tours demonstrating and teaching all aspects of Spirituality from Protection to Ascension.

He has dedicated his life to helping others since 1999 and is well known for his results. To him God is the highest source and he connects to and channels the Christ energy.

Nigel Collis is passionate about what he does. Not only is he a genuinely gifted healer, he's a talented teacher as well. It's comforting to know that he's out there doing what he knows and loves … and making a difference in the world as he does it."
     - Michelle Buchanan, 'Good Morning' and 'Woman's Day' Numerologist


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