Nigel Collis
Nigel Collis - 'Right Here, Right Now'

Elohim Master - Counsellor - Reiki Master - Hypnotherapist - Spirit Communicator -
Reflexologist - Energy Healer - Psychic/Medium

Nigel Collis is one of Australasia’s leading healers. He has dedicated his life to helping others.

JOURNEY INTO WHOLENESS with Nigel Collis.Nigel Collis

Learn how to discover and heal yourself, as you journey with me into the 'wholeness' of your Being. Would you like health for your body, peace and harmony for your mind and emotions, abundance, loving relationships, greater self-awareness, to become more empowered, to develop your intuition, or to discover and immerse yourself in the immense LOVE of God.

The journey to all that you require and desire lies before you. Come journey with me to health, happiness, and wholeness - a journey 'within' to discover more of yourself!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Please allow me to assist you in taking the next step on your own personal journey to health and a greater spiritual awareness of Self.

Let your journey into wholeness begin! Contact Nigel at:

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The first time I had the privilege of experiencing Nigel's healing talents I walked out of Health World and felt like a small child again. The sun was shining brighter and I felt unencumbered, unburdened and whole again. I not only make sure I see Nigel whenever crises ensue, I also book me and my children in for a 'tune up' regularly. His ability to heal and balance on all levels is something I wish everyone could experience."
    - Debbie Harwood, award-winning New Zealand vocalist


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